Be Ready to take aim, Riyadh!
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For the first time ever in the Kingdom, the ultimate shooting experience is coming to you. Top Gun isn’t your traditional firing range, it’s more than that! It offers a full-on safe and luxurious live ammunition shooting experience for the people of KSA to enjoy, from the moment they enter our facility to the time they leave.

Equipped with 39 dedicated firing lanes, Top Gun aims to provide different kinds of experiences for shooters of all levels, to expand the interest for the shooting sports. And because safety is a top priority, our professionally trained staff will be available at all times to ensure a safe and fun environment for everyone.

In addition to the main firing area, you will also have access to multiple waiting areas where you can enjoy a variety of coffee shops, restaurants, and other activities available all around the site. And to take your experience up a notch, you can opt for the VIP package, where you will enjoy all the above in addition to bonus perks like reduced waiting times, special access to the VIP lounge and cigar room, and much more!


Shotgun Firing Range

Put your skills to the test and enjoy a hands-on immersive experience in our indoor pistol shooting range, for a thrill-filled experience.

Shotgun Firing Range

An exhilarating adrenaline-packed adventure to put your aiming skills to the test with the ultimate shotgun experience in our outdoor shooting range with reactive flying traps for you to target and shoot.

Sniper Firing Range

Come visit our Sniper range and test your skills with our 22 LR Caliber Sniper gun.



Relax and enjoy your time before starting the shooting experience in the waiting area. And for an extra luxury, choose the VIP package that will give you access to the VIP lounge and many different features.

Gathering Area

The perfect place to hang out and chit chat right outside the ranges.

Gift Shop

Whether you’d like to get a souvenir to remember your experience, or want to get your friend a gift, this is the place to be.

Horse Sanctuary

Not only does it foster the most beautiful breeds of horses, but also hosts an entertaining falcon show for all our guests to enjoy!

Food and Beverages

Whether you’d like a cup of coffee to recharge or are craving a fancy meal, our food and beverage area with a coffee shop and Cello restaurant got you covered!


Waiting Area
Pistol Range
VIP - Pistol Range
VIP - Parking
Horses Sanctuary
Falcon Show
Cello Restaurent
Souvenir Shop
Photo Booth
Valet Parking
VIP Reception
Gathering Area
VIP - Waiting Area
Sniper Range
VIP - Shotgun Range - A
VIP - Shotgun Range - B
Shotgun Range - C
Shotgun Range - D
Shotgun Range - E
Shotgun Range - F

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